Tuesday, 25 October 2011

In years to come...

I can see myself heavily regretting the fact that I didn't have my camera at this gig.

Yann Tiersen is an incredibly famous individual. Not a household name in Scotland, but absolutely revered in France, he's responsible for one of the most memorable scores in cinema. 

He played in Glasgow on Sunday night, and I am totally devastated to say that the only camera I had was my 5mp phone camera. The video I managed to snap is a lot more impressive than the photos I took, so you can see what that says about the photos from the quality of this video!

So, the audio is very, very out of place there but, the point is, the man is a genius, and I spent most of the time feeling completely hypnotised by the sheer musical talent on display. The stage was filled by Yann Tiersen and five other individuals playing synthesizers, drums, keyboards, guitars, bass guitar, a ukulele, a bass clarinet and a violin. Harmonic vocals came from Tiersen and many of the other lovely gents on stage.

It was the most chilled out gig I've ever been to in my life. We arrived to find the crowd sitting on the floor and totally mesmerised by the support act - Lanterns On The Lake - who played beautifully.

He's playing in Paris on Friday, and I'd absolutely kill to see this show there. I can only hope he comes back to Scotland soon, where I'll be patiently waiting, camera in hand.

The man, the legend!

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