Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Never believe the title.

So, after 'The Final Destination' (when was it?) just last year, which was meant to be the last Final Destination movie, lo and behold, I went to see Final Destination 5 yesterday!

The Final Destination was pretty hilarious, it was a showcase of 3D tricks and silliness; Final Destination 5, however, managed to have some brilliantly funny and, yes, twisted deaths but without going too overboard - although the gymnastics death may contest this, as far as the Final Destination franchise is concerned, it's not that bad. It's one of the few movies I've seen recently that really merits the 3D and trust me, they do make good use of it. It's fantastic what anxiety this movie can inspire at the sight of a little sailing boat.

Also, despite the fact that I whispered every plot twist to my friend a considerable time before it'd happened, there is a clever little revelation at the end which is quite enjoyable, and it is surprisingly clever for such a ridiculous gore-fest of a movie.

It's definitely worth going to see for a laugh with an afternoon off work, although the laser eye surgery death is a bit much before dinner.

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