Sunday, 6 March 2011

Crime and Punishment

So I figured I'd bash this one out since I promised three posts and have delivered, well, NONE.

I got stuck into Crime and Punishment way back before the Christmas holidays I think, or thereabouts, and it took me until about two weeks ago to read 48% of it; then in one fell swoop (which consisted of a night and a half a day), I finished it!

Which leads me to my sole recommendation regarding how to read this book: clear a week out of your schedule, just don't do anything else, don't watch any movies, don't read any magazines, don't even take any transport anywhere or do anything with your friends. This book needs to be read quite quickly for it to be enjoyable, it's not a book to pick up a chapter here and there because then it just gets monotonous. Since so much of it is describing Raskolnkov's emotions and inner thoughts it felt a little bit like nothing was happening in the story, but then I realised that it had taken me about two weeks to read less than one chapter, and that was the reason it felt like that.

The story is actually pretty fantastic and I'm glad I read it the way round that I did (i.e. I didn't read the first half really fast then spread out the second half), I actually wish I'd just read it all in a few days, and I think I might do that for most of the other books that I have. Pull a few all-nighters to read them and NOT read them on trains or buses! I know it's an obvious thing to say, but these classics aren't like trashy novels that you can pick up whenever, wherever and you don't really need to remember what's happened before because you already know the ending. You do really need to enjoy these books. So write off three days and three lovely sleepless nights and get stuck right into Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

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