Saturday, 11 December 2010

Darkness is cheap.

So I've had to postpone my exams because I'm sick, which means more time for dissertation work (BORING), more time for resting (BORING) and more time for reading (YAY!)

Crime and Punishment is again, really really long, not as bad as Anna Karenina but it's going to take me a while to get through! So I've decided for the sake of having something to write about I'd start reading some of the short books on the list too!

(I did a really silly thing)

I made a list of all the books, and their lengths and then sorted them by length (CHEERS EXCEL), obviously it's completely inaccurate since the Penguin Classics have smaller print so they have shorter page lengths where some obviously shorter novels have larger print and longer page lengths.

The longest "book" is the Harry Potter series, weighing in at a massive 3407 pages! Thank God I don't need to read that again since I've read them before, but second longest is The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, (which I'm relatively confident is longer than the Harry Potter series) which apparently is 2552 (can you tell I'm really really not looking forward to reading it!)

Anyway, first short book that I can get on Kindle for free is A Christmas Carol, which is quite fitting at this time of year! I started reading it yesterday but spent the whole day in bed today, woke up for a few hours for dinner and a couple of episodes of Firefly but apart from that I was out for the count. Even missed the pub with my friends because I felt so lousy. But enough moaning, A Christmas Carol already has me hooked, in the opening pages, the writing is just brilliant, so I think I'm going to enjoy this one, and the rest of the Charles Dickens on the list. I've not read anything of his before, which is actually quite surprising but I've got David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, Bleak House and Great Expectations to get through before this is over so I'm sure I'll have quite had my fill of him in not too short a time.

In other news outside of my own little world. Looks like I'll be among the last generation of normal kids to be able to get to University. And by "normal" I mean "not absolutely loaded private school kid". The Government has won the vote saying that English universities can charge up to £9,000 a year in fees.
This basically amounts to: if you're not rich you can't go to uni. I feel sorry for families, that's an impossible amount of money to find. The UK doesn't have the scholarship system and funding means that the U.S. does. And that's just the fees, that's not even living costs. I don't pay any fees and I'm still going to have a debt of about £13,000!

The violent protests in London don't surprise me. In fact I think they're going to go on for a long time. I only hope that they go on long enough so that by the next election young people are still riled up enough to vote. Not that I think we have any better option but I'd love for this Government to get booted out at the first chance.

Right enough about politics, it's time for sleep. Tomorrow will be Christmas tree-decorating and Dickens-reading!

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