Monday, 6 December 2010

We can mourn its passing and then bury it in snow...

Words cannot describe how gutted I am at missing Frightened Rabbit play tonight.

The snow has pretty much shut down Scotland: the trains are off, the buses are off, and Strathclyde Police are telling people not to drive.

The main road along from my house is gridlocked with abandoned cars, and it took my dad 7 hours to drive his 45 minute journey home.

Frabbit are probably playing right now, can't fathom why they didn't postpone the gig.
Well, I can, money-grabbing promoters probably.

So for that reason instead of me having a mini-review and some kick-ass pictures of the band and probably a T-shirt, I have nothing but disappointment at having to miss a gig I was looking forward to for quite a while.

Can only hope they'll be back soon!

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