Thursday, 16 December 2010

Goddamn you, blurbs

'Crime & Punishment' has gotten way more interesting/shocking! I am only a few chapters in and I'm giving it a huge thumbs up! The story is definitely catching me off guard given that I knew absolutely NOTHING about it before I started reading it.

I've taken to not reading anything about a book before I read it just in case it gives too much of the story away, it's like movie adverts that show you all the good bits or just give the story away. Like that film 'The Switch' with Jennifer Aniston and that guy in it: the ad told you the entire story! (I tried to watch that film last night but the feed kept jumping so it didn't happen, I watched Easy A instead, that was really funny. Typical high school movie but really really good fun.)

Went for some more Christmas shopping today with my friends, didn't really get much, was more just there for the sight seeing. Ended up eating the biggest feast of a lunch I've ever seen. I had lasagne with some salad (cleared the plate) and BBQ chicken wings (kinda fatty, still devoured though) and half of my friend's curry (ahem, and her naan bread and mango chutney) and some (read: HUNDREDS OF) chips and gravy, and then some chocolate fudge cake with ice cream. Oh, and there might have been two or three or maybe four alcoholic drinks in there.. Ssshhh!

I think I'm making up for all this lost time of going out and grabbing some food with friends. I'm going stir crazy in this house! So today was good fun.

Oh and then I came home and actually managed to eat some dinner (after a much needed nap on the couch).

I also had some photos printed out of some of the pictures from the last two gigs I went to (Jimmy Eat World and Biffy Clyro) and I bought these little cheapo photo frames (37p each!!) so that I can hang them up on my wall and pretend to be some pretentious photographer. I'd really love to get a proper camera and try and take proper pictures, but my little digital camera will do me fine while I don't have the time to make a real hobby of it!

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