Saturday, 25 December 2010


So it's Christmas Eve and the "January sales" have started. I'm currently poring over the Irregular Choice website picking all the shoes and bags I'd buy if money were no object. Actually I could probably afford one pair of them, and then no food or nights out. Kidding. But really seriously, there's a lot of nice shoes with money off, and even though they're not the biggest savings in the world, it's not like your usual sale where there's 60% off but it's stuff you'd never buy anyway! There's a good 20% here and there (which makes a nice difference on a one hundred pound pair of boots).

So Santa, for Christmas I'd like a pair of 'Power Struggle' in black, size 6; a pair of 'No Place Like Home', again, black, size 6; the Robot Laptop bag (I know it's not in the sale Santa but I thought I'd throw it out there), and one Bookworm bag, either colour is fine, and that's a nice and cheap one too.

That, on top of my seven-digit balance in my bank account, my new lungs, my size 8 figure, and my degree finished, is all I want for Christmas. Which, when you think about it, isn't really that much to ask for, I mean that kid in A Miracle of 34th Street got a house and a family and a brother. I know she went on to have a pretty hard time with Miss Trunchbull and all that but Miss Honey totally made up for all that. So the house kind of throws the balance all over again. I think I'm owed one, Santa.

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