Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Only one word comes to mind.

I was going to say “I was lucky enough to get tickets...” but really, I got up at ridiculous o’clock and sat on my laptop for two and a half hours to get tickets... to Biffy Clyro!

They played on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th in the S.E.C.C. in Glasgow which is renowned for its echoey soullessness but actually, the whole show was put on with the air of a stadium gig, and the band pulled this off magnificently. There were whispers of the crowd being poor but from where I stood we did not fail, yes there were people there who’d not heard anything before the most recent album but hell, what are gigs for – if not to see music against its greatest background and give you that insane thirst for more of it?

They played against one of the most elaborate sets I’ve ever seen from them, deep red curtains, spotlights galore, walkway into the middle of the crowd, two big screens either side of the stage with sharp video footage of the performance itself.

About a third of the way in Simon Neil (guitarist/singer/frontman) played a mini acoustic set surrounded by a pretty circle of lightbulbs that descended from the ceiling and was then joined by James and Ben Johnston (bassist and drummer, respectively) for a song called Diary of Always, which I’ve never (in the 8 other times I’ve seen them play) seen them play live. Did it make my night? Hell to the yeah.

They then belted out the rest of their set, satisfied the shouts of “Jaggy Snake” with the wild fan favourite and finished with a multiple song encore. And to top it all off, the sweaty mass of fans were met with the beginnings of a blizzard of snow as we left. Beautiful.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

If you're listening woah oh oh oh oh oh..

Sing it back! Woah oh oh oh oh

I saw Jimmy Eat World play on Friday in the Barrowlands in Glasgow.

If you've not heard of Jimmy Eat World you should sentence yourself to a severe lashing with the whip because they're fantastic and that's what you're going to want to do when you realise what you've been missing all this time.

If you have heard of Jimmy Eat World then I assume you'll be wildly jealous of my good self. And here's a photo I took just for you:

The Barrowlands on the other hand I wouldn't expect you to have heard of, even though it's a brilliant venue, unless you're from Central Scotland chances are you've no idea what it is.

It's a gig venue, surprise surprise. It's in a really dodgy part of the east end of the city endearingly nicknamed "The Barras", but the two things that make the Barrowlands my favourite big gig venue are the acoustic and the fact that it used to be a ballroom back in the day.

The sound in the place is perfect, really really perfect. It's exactly the way you want live music to sound.
And the fact that it used to be a ballroom means it has this amazing sprung floor. If you go in it when it's empty and quiet you can hear the springs underneath creaking. But it means that at gigs when you jump around you just bounce. Not like trampoline kind of bounce but you do have a little spring in your step (SUPER-PUN).

Support came from a band called Minus The Bear, who I knew OF but I forgot to move their songs from my My Music folder to my iTunes so I haven't listened to them, but my brother loves them, like really loves them, he also kind of looks like the lead singer. FACT.

Want a photo of them too? Yeah here's a photo of them too:

After the gig we went to Waxy O'Connors, I had to do a Superman change in the street so that I looked reasonable enough to get in. I got I.D'ed in a "there's no way in hell you're 18!" way, so he looked midly surprised at my Student Card that says "Hi, I'm 21 and I hate cameras, the world and you."

In Waxy's I had myself Fatboothed by my friend. So here's a similar picture that says "Hi, I'm 21, I love CAKE."

Would NOMNOMNOM be too predictable a caption?
Actually I think I've gone beyond cutesy eating references. I look like I ate you and you tasted gooooood.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I am watching Judge Dredd.
Sylvester Stallone looks like one of my old bosses from work.

I also watched Max Payne tonight. It's definitely a movie to watch. The action is really cool in it.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Dear Neighbour

While I understand that it is important for your to find a hobby to while away your empty jobless days, using an electric saw with a decibel level similar to that of a Boeing 747 on a small woodwork project really doesn't help my already wavering concentration.

We could swap goals for the day if you wanted? I'll make a boat shaped pencil holder and you can decipher this article for my next presentation!

Ready, set, go!